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CCW Application Process

Part I

CCW Application Submission

  • Fill out the CCW application in its entirety. Sign p\all pages that need signed and fill in all of section 7;
  • Obtain all documents required to accompany the application:
    • A copy of your California Driver’s License;
    • A copy of your birth certificate;
    • A copy of your Social Security card;
    • Any CCW permits from other states or counties;
    • A copy of any records associated with an arrest or detention (during your lifetime);
    • A copy of a utility bill or any other service billed to your Lake County physical street address;
    • A copy of your DD214 Military Service record (Honorable Discharge Only), if applicable;
    • A passport size 2"x2" standard color photo for the file.
    • Department of Motor Vehicles printout.
  • Return completed application, required documents & 2x2 standard color photo to the Sheriff’s Office in Lakeport at 1220 Martin St., or mail to PO Box 489, Lakeport CA 95453.

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted by the Sheriff’s Office, you will proceed to “Part II” of the CCW application process.

Part II

Live Scan & Interview

  • At the completion of the required local and county background checks, you will be mailed instructions for securing your Live Scan;
  • Submit the $93.00 Live Scan (Department of Justice and F.B.I.) fingerprint fee.  The fee may be paid in exact cash or money order.  Money orders shall be made payable to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office;
  • Make an appointment with the Alternative Work Program Building to have your fingerprints taken.  The fingerprint fee is $20.00, payable to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office; 
  • Retain the “Applicant” copy of the Live Scan Form and submit that copy to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for your file;
  • Once the results of your fingerprint submission have been returned to the Sheriff’s Office by the DOJ and FBI, you will be notified by the Sheriff’s Office once interviews have been scheduled. 

Once you have completed the interview process and the Sheriff has approved your application for a Concealed Weapons Permit, you will proceed to “Part III” of the application process.

Part III

Basic Firearms Safety (BFS) Course

  • Schedule the Basic Firearms Safety (BFS) Course. You will be notified in writing when the 16-hour BFS course will be offered by the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Submit $106.00 for the BFS Course and permit fee to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office prior to attending the course.
  • Complete the BFS Course. If you complete a 16-hour BFS Course that was not given by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, you will still need to qualify your weapon(s) at the Lake County Sheriff’s range.
  • NOTE: You must complete the Lake County Sheriff’s BFS Course unless:
    1. You have successfully completed a California Basic Peace Officer Academy; And can supply a copy of your certificate.
    2. You have successfully completed a PC 832 / Firearms course; And can supply a copy of your certificate.
    3. You have successfully completed a California DOJ certified 16-hour BFS Course that has been approved by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Part IV

Pick Up Your CCW Permit

Upon successful completion of the 16-hour Basic Firearms Safety Course and qualification with your weapon at the Lake County Sheriff’s range, you will be contacted about your permit being ready. Your CCW permit will be valid for a term of 2 years (unless you are issued a Judicial or Custodial CCW.) You will be notified in writing by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office when your permit is up for renewal and a 1-day renewal course will be offered.

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CCW Contacts

Wendy Hoffman, CCW Permits
(707) 262-4227
Fax: (707) 262-4220
[email protected]

Sgt. Ben Moore
(707) 263-2647
[email protected]

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