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Online Monthly Reporting

  1. Monthly Reports, when required by the court or your probation officer, are due between the 1st and 10th of each month. This form is to be filled out by the probationer, not by anyone else on behalf of the probationer. Do not write "Same as last report" or "See last report" in any box. Information provided on this form is for the previous month.

    If you have questions about using the form, call Probation at 707-262-4285.

  2. Is This a New Address Since Last Report?*
      1. Can We Email You at This Address?
      2. Do We Have Permission to Text You at the Number Provided?
      3. List the name, age and relationship of each person you live with. If you live alone, put none.

      4. Employment Status*
        1. If you are employed, list the name, address and phone number of your employer. Also list how many hours a week you usually work. If you are not employed, put none.

        2. Have You Made Your Restitution Payment This Month?*
            1. Have You Had Police Contact in the Last Month?*
                1. Why? Where? When? What Happened?

                2. Agreement*

                  By checking this box, I certify that the information provided in this report is true and correct at the time I completed the report. I understand it is my responsibility to provide Probation with updated information immediately after the information changes; this includes my address, telephone number, email address, and other relevant contact information.

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