Appliances, Small and Large

Appliances, Small and Large

If they are still in good working order, consider donating to a thrift store.

Call your hauler to schedule a “Bulky Item Pick-Up” for large appliances or drop-off at a recycling center. Proof of residency required.

Large appliances - $10  fee for major appliances including refrigerators, stoves, freezers, air conditioners, etc. 
Small appliances - Free for small appliances including microwave ovens, toasters, blenders, etc.

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1. Aerosol cans
2. Aluminum cans
3. Ammunition & Explosives
4. Antifreeze
5. Appliances, Small and Large
6. Asbestos (and presumed asbestos-containing materials)
7. Asphalt - Construction, Demolition, and Renovation Debris
8. Automotive Fluids
9. Batteries
10. Beds / Mattress
11. Beverage Containers
12. Bicycles (working, parts, or non-working)
13. Boats
14. Books (hard or soft cover)
15. Bottles (Beverage and Glass)
16. Bricks
17. Film Plastic/Stryofoam
18. Yard Waste