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Receive important messages from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office via email, phone, and much more!

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has developed a  system to meet our community’s mass notification needs. This system is called LakeCoAlerts and by registering now you can be assured to receive critical information via phone, text, or email.

Even if you are signed up for NIXLE we urge you to sign up for LakeCoAlerts

What we want you to do?

We are asking ALL Lake County Residents to sign up  to receive messages from LakeCoAlerts. This is an “opt in” system. You must sign up to receive these alerts. While our system will be loaded with the land-line phone listings for Lake County; by registering you will be able to choose in which way you receive alerts.

How Does It Work?

The process begins when the Lake County Sheriff’s Office issues a message about threats to safety. Next, LakeCoAlerts sends a message. If you don't confirm receipt of the message, the system will try to reach you again, and continues trying to reach you until you confirm receipt.

Don’t forget to add LakeCoAlerts to your phone contacts or caller I.D so you know we are trying to reach you. The phone number that you will see is (707) 289-8964. When you receive a text message you will see the number 89361.

The success of this service relies on YOU. Having your latest contact information is the only way to ensure that we can contact you in an emergency.

Please sign up  it only takes about a minute to enroll!

You will be asked to create an account:
  • Create a Username and Password.
  • Usernames must be a minimum of 4 acceptable characters. Acceptable characters are: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, period, dash (-), underscore (_), and at symbol (@). No other characters or symbols are permitted at this time.
  • Password must be 8 to 64 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number. Special characters are permitted, but limited to ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ). Select a security question and enter its answer.
  • Enter a Registration Email Address. This address is used to send temporary passwords, if you forget your credentials.
  • Accept the Terms of Use by checking the box.
  • Click “Create Your Account”.

For more information you can email [email protected] or call 707-262-4090.

Sign up now!

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