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To complete an eviction the Sheriff’s office requires the original writ of possession and 3 copies of the writ.  The fee for an eviction is $145.00.  Evictions are executed in two parts.  The 1st is to post and mail the eviction notice.  The 2nd is the restoration.  The restoration is the final step in the eviction process and it legally restores the property to the plaintiff.  

Disbursement of Funds
Lake County Sheriff’s Civil Division charges a $12.00 fee that is collected from the judgment debtor on each disbursement of money paid to a judgment creditor.  The fee amount is set per California Government Code. Levy money disbursements are made once weekly.

Claim of Exemptions
If wages are garnished, the Defendant may file a Claim of Exemption (Wage Garnishment) form.  The form may be filed with the Sheriff’s Office at any time during the period of the wage garnishment.  

For all other enforcement of judgment actions, i.e., bank levy, automobile levy, property seizure, etc., the claim must be filed with the Sheriff within 15 days of the date the levy was mailed.  If the levy was personally served, the defendant has 10 days from the date of service to file a Claim of Exemption with the sheriff.


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