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Lake County Sheriff's Activities League


U.S.A. Boxing:    
Coaches are trained and certified through USA Boxing.  Students work out two times per week.  Competition is optional.  Students must pass a physical examination before beginning training.  This is a coeducational activity for students 8 years to 18 years.  The program is designed to promote physical fitness, self defense and respect for others.  For current information regarding location and schedules, call Dave Borjon at 707-279-1050. Practices are currently held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:00. 
Junior Giants: 
Junior GiantsThe Jr. Giants Program, funded by the Giants Community Foundation, offers eight weeks of programming for students ages 5 to 18.  Practices are held two times each week during the summer.  Participants learn about leadership, teamwork, and other valuable life skills.  2015 sign ups begin April 1st at For ongoing information and important dates beginning April 1, 2016, check out our Lake County Sheriff's Activities League Facebook page.
Lake Kayaking:  
LCSAL offers kayaking to students ages 11 to 18. Watch our Facebook page for upcoming dates and times.  If you would like to know more about kayaking with LCSAL, contact Mary Borjon at 279-1050 for forms that must be completed and submitted prior to the kayak outing.

Other Activities:  
Dependent on the willingness of community volunteers and adequate funding, the LCSAL offers programs that include leadership, life skills, sewing, cooking, social skills,  kayaking, biking, rock climbing, and theater workshops.  All such activities are led by volunteers who determine the age group, the number of participants and the duration of the program offering.

Annual Benefit Breakfast

The Kelseyville Lions Club sponsors an annual benefit breakfast for the LCSAL each year. Next Benefit Breakfast is 2/21/2016.

The Organization

Established in 1997
Nonprofit organization   C-2033275
To provide local youth the opportunity to engage in positive, leisure time activities while acquiring new skills and developing positive relationships with law enforcement personnel and other adult role models.  All LCSAL programs promote self discipline, respect and personal growth in a family friendly environment.  Programs are coeducational, inclusive and celebrate diversity.
Board of Directors: 
Is comprised of community volunteers and one representative  from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.
Funding Sources: 
The Lake County Sheriff’s Activity League is funded through grants, fund raising efforts, and donations, including space for program implementation.  Currently all program offerings are free to student participants.


USA Boxing
U.S.A. Boxing Program

Jr. Giants Practice
Jr. Giants Practice

Independent Living Skills Program
Independent Living Skills Program



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