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911/Telephone Contact Survey

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Your name (optional)
Your address (optional)
Your phone number (optional)
Your email address (optional)
1. What phone number, division or office did you call?
911 (Emergency Dispatch)263-2690 (Non-emergency Dispatch)262-4200 (Administration Office)
262-4240 (Correctional Facility)800-675-5330 (Correctional Facility)262-0626 (AWP)
262-4226 (Records)Other (Please specify below)Do not remember
If you answered "other" to question 1, please enter telephone number, division or location you called in space below.
2. Date and time of phone call, if known.
3. Was your telephone call to the Lake County Sheriff's Office answered in a timely fashion?
YesNoDo not recall
4. How many times did the telephone ring before it was answered?
12345More than 5Went to voicemailDo not recall
5. Was the person that answered your phone call professional while dealing with you?
6. Was he/she courteous?
7. Did he/she seem confident and knowledgeable?
8. If your call was transferred, were you transferred to the appropriate division or person?
YesNoNot applicable
9. How would you rate the overall service provided?
Above expectationsMet expectationsBelow expectations
10. How would you improve our service?
11. Do you have any questions about the Sheriff's Office or 911 dispatch service?
12. Please feel free to express any other comments or concerns below.
13. Would you like return contact? If yes, please be sure to include contact information at the top of this form.
NoYes, by telephone.Yes, by email.

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