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CCW Permit Fees

New Applicants

Item Details  Fee
Basic Firearms Safety (BFS) Course (2 day course)  
  Deputy Instructor Fee $110.00
  Administration Fee $31.00
  Range Fee    $50.00
  LCSO Permit Fee $6.00
  Total cost $197.00
Live Scan Fingerprinting Fee
  LCSO Fingerprinting Fee   $20.00
 DOJ/FBI Fee Standard CCW (2 year permit) $93.00
  Judicial CCW (3 year permit) $115.00
    Custodial CCW (4 year permit) $137.00

Renewal –Standard CCW

Item   Fee 
Range Fee   $25.00
Deputy Fee   $55.00
Amdinistration Fee   $31.00
LCSO Permit Fee   $6.00
  LCSO Fees Total $117.00
DOJ Renewal Fee   $52.00

Renewal – Judicial CCW

Item   Fee 
Range Fee   $25.00
Deputy Fee   $55.00
Administration Fee   $31.00
LCSO Permit Fee   $6.00
       LCSO Fees Total $117.00
DOJ Renewal Fee   $74.00

Renewal – Custodial CCW

Item   Fee 
DOJ Renewal Fee (All other Fees waived for employees) $96.00

Change of Weapon(s) on Permit/Replacement of Lost Permit

Item   Fee 
Modification Fee   $31.00
LCSO Replacement Permit Fee   $6.00

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CCW Contacts

Wendy Hoffman, CCW Permits
(707) 262-4227
Fax: (707) 262-4220
[email protected]

Sgt. Ben Moore
(707) 263-2647
[email protected]

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