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K-CORPS LogoImagine a telephone call at 2:30 am, the voice at the other end sounds as groggy and tired as you feel. You recognize the voice as one of your squad leaders telling you there is a callout and to be at the high school in 15 minutes. You hang up. Wide awake now with your adrenaline pumping, habit has you dressing as quickly as possible and you get into your car. As you drive towards the high school, you wonder if it’s a missing person or an evacuation, and your heart races with anticipation of what the next few hours of your life may entail.

What is K-CORPS?

K-CORPS (Kelseyville Community Organization for Rescue and Public Service) is one of only two organizations like itself in the entire nation. K-CORPS, pronounced “K-CORE” is a student organization deployed by the Sheriff’s Office in times of need. Students are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in this 2 year program. Samples of K-CORPS duties include evidence searches, traffic control and missing person searches.

The Program

The 2 year course is broken down into two phases, the “Greenie” and the “Oldie” year. New members are chosen by graduating members and the new “Oldies” coming in. During their junior year in K-CORPS, “Greenies” are expected to listen, learn, and above all, take orders without question. This behavior is required mainly for the safety of the group. “Greenies” spend their first year learning everything they need to know in order to teach new members the following year. The academically challenging course, taught during 6th period, includes technical rescue, first aid and CPR, and search techniques such as man tracking and orienteering. Our Advisor/Instructor, Mrs. Holt and the “Oldies”, along with the support of Kathie Krebser and Miss Kysely, provide the instruction and the “how to” apply this knowledge out in the field.

At the end of the “Greenie” year, all members attend a quarterly at the State Park where “Greenies” are tested on everything they have learned throughout the year. Depending on their performance during the year and this testing period, the “Greenies” are placed in the positions they will hold as “Oldies”.


“Oldies are senior K-CORPS members whose main duties are to teach the “Greenies” all of the skills they will need to run the organization the following year. The members are organized into four separate squads holding the positions of Squad Leader, Assistant Squad Leader, and Associate member. Squad One Leader leads the group. In his/her absence, Squad Four takes the lead. Along with Squad One Leader, the other Squad Leaders are in charge of their individual squads and any can take command if needed. Assistant Squad Leaders are second in command and Associate members next in line. In addition, certain members are chosen to specialize in a specific area and are known as man trackers, medics, or techs (technical rescuers). Although each “Oldie” member of K-CORPS is fully qualified to perform any of these duties, these “specialists” are the first to be called when a specific need arises.

The Bond

The most important aspect of K-CORPS is one which very few see, the personal aspect. In K-CORPS, members often find themselves in serious situations which require absolute trust. Students in this organization form lifelong friendships. When asked to sum up K-CORPS in a nutshell, associate member and “Oldie” Kelly Brockway had this to say, “K-CORPS is an extraordinary organization. Not only has it given me knowledge, self-confidence, and courage, but I have become good friends with great people and have enjoyed every minute of the experience.”

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